We understand your choice of frames is a very important part of eyewear; it can be a statement or a reflection of who you are.

We choose our range of frames carefully so you will find a perfect match -frames to enhance your prescription as well as look good and feel great.

Form, Function and Fit

When we help you choose, you know your frames will be perfect for your specific lenses and fit you well.

Our goal is to have you looking better.

Spectacle Lenses

We offer top quality eyewear and lens types and treatments for:

  • Everyday wear, or special events
  • Computers and touchscreen devices
  • Prescription sunglasses
  • Low-cost options are available
  • Reading difficulties - at any age
  • Driving and Sports eyewear
  • Safety and protective eyewear

Try it! You can't pick how a frame feels from a picture

No one should buy a frame without trying it on. we pride ourselves on providing eyewear that looks great and also wears well. We have a wide range of frames from timeless classics to today's fashions, and our suppliers are more than willing to help us with special requests.

Lasting comfort

Our frames come with quality guarantees and free fitting adjustments whenever you need them. Our team has the skill and experience to help you choose the frame that suits you best.

Lens Technology that gives you clear, comfortable sight

We select from suppliers who are committed to excellence and who continually research and refine their technology to give you the best optics, good-looking lenses and the most effective and durable treatments and coatings. Ask us about Blue Control lens coatings if you use a computer or smartphone.

Lens types in a nutshell

  • Single vision are the simplest lenses, but you might need more than one pair
  • Occupational lenses meet the special demands of computers and multitasking at work
  • Multifocal or Progressive lenses aim to meet all your visual needs with one lens
  • Totally Individualised Lens Design pushes the boundaries of manufacturing technology for a custom-built solution to your eyewear needs

Choose the lens design, material and benefits that really work for you

  • Thin and light
  • Tints/sunglass
  • Anti glare
  • For work
  • For sports
  • Safety
  • High index
  • Transitions
  • Wrap lens technology
  • Anti-reflection coatings

Not all lenses are created equal! Have you ever wondered why your peripheral vision is so distorted with your progressive lenses, been disappointed by how easily they scratched, or annoyed at how difficult they are to keep clean?  It doesn't have to be this way!  We avoid these problems by using lenses from the best lens manufacturers in the world - Carl Zeiss, Essilor and Hoya.  Their research and high-quality manufacturing processes produce lenses with wider fields of vision, and tougher, easier to clean coatings.

Let us help you find the right eyewear for everything you see and do


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